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All Day Dining

Whether it’s two in the afternoon or the sun has already set, you’re invited to r&b Grillhouse to try our exquisite all day dining menu.
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The r&b Grillhouse menu offers something for everyone. There’s a strong focus on meat dishes such as slow-cooked ribs, steaks, and premium beef burgers, but you’ll also find a variety of modern cuisine, vegetarian options and more.

No matter the time of day, we are confident you’ll love our dishes. Our all day menu promises a range of light and hearty meal options that you can enjoy no matter what time you stop by.

While you wait

  • Flame-grilled Chicken Wings 38

    Served with your choice of smokey BBQ or house chilli sauce

  • Southern-style Chicken 38

    Crispy chicken fingers served with your choice of blue cheese ranch dressing or chilli mayonnaise sauce

  • Portobello Mushrooms 35

    Crispy marinated portobello mushrooms served with a ranch dressing and a chipotle mayonnaise sauce

  • Cloud Chicken 48

    Golden fried bite-sized chicken breast served with a maple syrup drizzle and an aioli dip

  • Grilled Prawns Brochette 48

    Served with a house chilli sauce drizzle and an aioli dip

  • Salt & Pepper Calamari 45

    Served with a chilli glaze

  • Fish & Chips 60

    Fried white fish fillet served with French fries and house-made dip

  • Garlic Bread 29

    Baked homemade garlic brioche bread served with mozzarella cream cheese

  • Truffle Fries 38

    Crispy French fries topped with truffle cream and parmesan cheese

  • Tasting Bites 110

    A selection of flame-grilled chicken wings, portobello mushrooms and grilled butterfly prawns served with a dip selection


  • Beetroot & Goat Cheese Salad 48

    Beetroot, goat cheese, rocket leaves and walnuts served with extra virgin olive oil balsamic vinegar glaze

  • Greek Garden Salad 48

    Cherry tomatoes, onions, cucumber, lettuce, Kalamata olives and crumbled feta cheese served with a lemon vinaigrette dressing

  • Village Halloumi Salad 55

    Halloumi cheese served with iceberg lettuce, rocket leaves, tomatoes, cucumber, pesto dressing

  • Apple Cabbage Walnut Slaw 45

    Finely shredded cabbage, chopped apples and roasted walnuts served with a vinaigrette dressing

  • Classic Caesar 48

    Romaine lettuce leaves tossed with a house-made Caesar dressing


  • Chicken Bowl 58

    Grilled chicken fingers, grains, edamame, mesclun lettuce, avocado and pickles served with Sriracha sauce

  • Lamb Shoulder Bowl 85

    Slow-cooked lamb shoulder, grains, edamame, mesclun lettuce, avocado and pickles served with Sriracha sauce

  • Fable Mushroom Bowl 58

    Fable’s wild mushrooms selection, grains, edamame, mesclin lettuce, avocado served with Sriracha sauce



  • Old School Cheese 65

    Home-made chuck and brisket beef patty served with melted cheese, mustard BBQ, red onions and pickles

  • Butcher’s Original 65

    Home-made chuck and brisket beef patty served with our house special spread, red onions and pickles

  • Swiss Cheese & Mushroom 75

    Home-made chuck and brisket beef patty served with our house special spread, turkey bacon and Swiss cheese

  • Rib Burger 150

    Slow-cooked beef short rib burger served with caramelized onions, mushroom and BBQ sauce

  • Wagyu Cheese & Caramelised Onion 85

    200g Australian wagyu beef patty served with Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and truffle cream sauce

  • Wagyu Royal 85

    200g Australian wagyu beef patty served with our house special spread, aged cheddar cheese, turkey bacon and crispy onion rings


  • Peri Chicken Burger 65

    Flame-grilled chicken breast served with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and home-made peri peri tartar

  • Crispy Chicken Burger 65

    Crispy chicken breast served with tomatoes, pickles and our house-mayonnaise and BBQ sauce

From The Sea

  • Crispy Prawn Burger 75

    Freshly fried battered prawns served with avocado, lettuce, pickles and tartar aioli sauce

  • Salmon Burger 85

    Grilled salmon fillet served with avocado, iceberg lettuce, onions and tartar aioli sauce


  • Beyond Old School Cheese 65

    Beyond patty served with vegan cheddar cheese, mustard, onions, pickles and BBQ sauce

  • Fable Mushroom Burger 65

    Fable mushroom patty served with vegan Swiss cheese, red onions and aioli sauce

From the grill

All dishes are basted and flame-grilled, served with your choice of French fries or green salad.

  • Beef Fillet 110

    120 days grain-fed

  • Wagyu Rump 165

    300g grain-fed, 4-5 MBS

  • Angus Ribeye 175

    300g grain-fed, +3 MBS

  • Wagyu Ribeye 275

    300g grain-fed, +3 MBS

  • Angus Prime Rib 390

    700g grain-fed, 2-4 MBS

  • Double Lemon & Herb Chicken 90

    Flame-grilled chicken breasts, marinated and basted with lemon and herbs

  • Seabass Fillet 115

    Grilled seabass fillet with lemon butter sauce

  • Salmon Fillet 115

    Grilled salmon fillet with double cream sauce


Our ribs selection are cooked low and slow for 8 hours, then flame grilled, served with your choice of French fries or green salad.

  • Baby Veal Ribs 250

    Served with our homemade signature BBQ basting

  • Spicy Baby Veal Ribs 250

    Served our homemade signature spicy BBQ basting

  • Charcoal Baby Veal Ribs 250

    Served with our signature charcoal herb crust

  • Beef Short Ribs 250

    Served with our homemade signature basting


  • Phily Steak 75

    Grilled finely sliced lean beef served with provoloni cheese and your choice of condiments

  • Brisket Club 65

    Over-night slow cooked brisket served in brioche bread with mustard sauce


  • Sweet Potato Fries 28
  • Baked New Potato With Truffle Cream 40
  • Loaded Cheesy Chips With Peri-mayonnaise & Salsa 35
  • Herb Roasted Seasonal Vegetables 25
  • Potato Wedges With Aoili Sauce 28

Little Butchers

  • Beef Burger 55

    Served with aged cheddar cheese, tomato sauce and mayonnaise dip

  • Chicken Burger 55

    Flame-grilled chicken breast served with iceberg lettuce, house-mayonnaise and chips

  • Golden Fingers 55

    Crispy chicken tenders served with house-mayonnaise and chips


  • Apple Strudel 45

    Freshly baked Granny Smith apples with raisins in a crispy flaky pastry dough

  • Chocolate Fudge 45

    Home-made double chocolate cake topped with ganache

  • Brownie Bowl 45

    Chocolate brownie chunk served with peanut crumble, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

  • Cheesecake Glacé 55

    Baked cheesecake with strawberry ice cream and red fruit coulis

  • Lemonade Blackberry Crêpe 55

    Filled with cream cheese and blackberry coulis and drizzled with chocolate

Chicken Nibbles at r&b Grillhouse

Just a bite?

Not interested in a full meal? Our salads and bites offer the perfect solution when you’d love something delicious, flavourful and warm, but aren’t hungry enough or don’t have the time for a large lunch or dinner.

From our southern-style chicken wings to our moreish garlic bread, a fresh salad or quick and easy truffle fries, we’ve got all the snacks you need for a quick bite.

Relax with a tasty meal

Take the time to relax over a full meal for lunch or dinner with our all day dining menu. Invite a friend, family members, a colleague, or a loved one for a sumptuous meal that will satisfy any craving.

We are known for our ribs, which have been slow cooked for eight hours then served with a signature basting with your choice of chips or salad. Or will it be a burger? Our extensive burger menu offers a variety of classic options, deluxe meals such as the Wagyu Royal, as well as vegetarian meatless burgers that are packed with flavour and satisfying texture.

Our grill options round out this all day menu with steaks, seafood options and more. Don’t forget to add a side for a little something extra.

r&b Grillhouse
Dessert at r&b Grillhouse

Don’t miss out on dessert

Save some room for dessert, because the sweet treats on the menu at r&b Grillhouse are an unmissable, unforgettable part of your meal.

There will always be an option or two on the menu for chocolate lovers, as well as mouth-watering creations for those who prefer fruity creations. Or if you really don’t have space, consider a sweet and refreshing thickshake to finish your meal.