Welcome to r&b Grillhouse, an Abu Dhabi restaurant where rustic Arabian charm meets modern comfort.

We are inspired by tranquillity and our connection to nature, and you’ll find these themes throughout our dining space and our mouth-watering menu.

Salad at r&b Grillhouse

At its heart, r&b Grillhouse specialises in meat.

Presenting a diverse menu featuring grills and lighter options including salads infused with a Mediterranean twist, our setting is profoundly influenced by Arabian culture and architectural heritage.

It’s the kind of menu that creates excitment at the table and inspires repeat visits to explore more of the irresistible flavours and textures at r&b Grillhouse Abu Dhabi.

Our burgers are made with hormone-free, pure beef patties. We complete each burger with quality bakery buns, fresh local produce, and exceptional care in the cooking and preparation of each dish.

The beef and veal ribs on our menu are slow cooked for eight hours, then flame grilled for that perfect textured finish. Take your pick of our homemade and signature sauces and rediscover your love for succulent, melt-in-your-mouth ribs.

Rustic Arabian charm

Rustic Arabian charm

Like Abu Dhabi itself, our restaurant is a fusion of places, cuisines, and cultures. Our restaurant space is heavily influenced by the surrounding region, with elegant lines, organic hues, and natural materials accenting the dining area. 

Together, it’s a space of elegant serenity that reflects the beauty of the region outside, with modern comforts and delicacies inside.

Feature details of interior

r&b Grillhouse

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